monochromezi is an account owned by a female gamer/singer/enthusiast. Her account has over one-thousand followers and is in danger of decreasing.

About Edit

monochromezi posts pop and modern culture on a monthly basis (which used to be a daily basis until her disappearance).

Appearance Edit

monochromezi is a tanned girl with small eyes (which was the effect created by her glasses). Her arms are rather bulky and her hair reaches past her shoulders, chest and some of the tips of her hair reaches past her waist. She has a waist as large as Shakira (which she had made jokes about multiple times in Skype calls) and has rather skinny legs and meaty hands.

Background Edit

monochromezi doesn't allow much to know her but she does have a connection of many people that doesn't seem to know much about her either. She is only known by her looks, strange personality, and, sometimes, voice. She claims multiple times that she hates her parents, which implies some sort of trauma for this to happen. After 2016, it was shown that she has multiple online media that seems much older than her Instagram, but was much less personal. Only selected members have seen monochromezi in her true form.

Personality Edit

monochromezi is capable of being entirely problematic in which she has much mood swings and gets triggered by the smallest thing she possibly can be triggered by. On her return, her comedic style seemed to change from jokes in rants to entire videos that embarrasses herself (and she claimed to put herself through torture). She may seem rather aggressive, stoical and hard to impress, but, overall, she seems more of a funny person that doesn't want any harm.